Roger’s Hints & Links
Created by Roger Knopp, M.Sc.E.E

Tubes & amps:
Emissionlabs: "Superior power tubes for the world"
Duncan Amplification: "A very good tube datasheet provider"
The National Valve Museum: "Another very good tube datasheet provider"
Frank's Electron Tube Datasheets: "Another very good tube datasheet provider"
Stephie's Tube Pages: "Incredible tube theories and experiments"
Jacmusic: "Blue Glow in Vacuum Tubes"
Jacmusic: "Fantastic tube databooks and schematics"
IEEE: "The cool sound of tubes"
Russel O. Hamm: "Tubes vs Transistors-Is there an audible difference?"
Bert van der Kerk: "The Williamson Tube Amplifier- The complete do it yourself guide"
Wireless World 1947: "The original Williamson circuit diagram"
Knoppson: "Poor Man's High-End System"

Noratel: "The world's finest toroidal transformer manufacturer"
Lundahl: "State of the art c-core transformers"
Wireless World 1947: "The dynamic specifications for the Williamson Output Transformer"
Knoppson: "Testing the dynamic and static performance of an OPT"

Farnell: "The complete component supplier"
ELFA: "The Scandinavian component supplier"

AudioXpress: Glass Audio, RCA Receiving Tubes etc tube literature and subscriptions

Interesting Forums
Physics Forum: Amazing Physics Forum
Xilinx: Amazing CPLD/FPGA Forum
Electronics Point: Amazing Electronics Forum
Elektronikforumet: The Swedish Electronics Forum

Own creations
Wikibooks: Output Transformer Design
Wikibooks: Tube Amp Design
Wikibooks: CPU Design (Swedish)
Wikibooks: The Foundation of Electronics (Swedish)

My MS Paint Tube CAD Library