Roger's Universal Transformer
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The low leakage symmetrical wound KE87060 power transformer, which originally was designed for use as a combined Williamson Tube Mains & Output transformer, has the following design parameters:

Primary windings (236VA@design, 290VA using all primaries):
- 4X115V@40Hz (Imax=1.1A)
Secondary windings:
- 2X350V@0.15A (U0=383V, Imax=0.3A)
- 4X6.3V@4A (U0=7.0V, Imax=4A)
- 2X5V@3A (U0=5.5V, Imax=4A)
Miscellaneous data:
Dimensions/Weight: 66X140mm/4kg
Primary inductance: 65H@5V/50Hz (75H@13V, 32H@660V)
Primary leakage inductance: 100mH (20kHz@KT66 drive, osc!)
Primary inductance vs DC unbalance: 26H@+/-7mA/13V (7H@+/-24mA)
Primary DC resistance: 24Ohm
Secondary HV inductance: 135H@5V/50Hz (152H@13V, 73H@1kV)
Secondary HV leakage inductance: 50mH (40kHz@KT66, ok!)
Secondary HV inductance vs DC unbalance: 37H@+/-7mA/13V (12H@+/-22mA)
Secondary HV DC resistance: 90Ohm
Effective std rectifier drive impedance: 33+45=78Ohm

KE87060, Roger's Universal Transformer

Which makes the transformer useful as for instance:
- Universal 235VA Tube Mains Transformer (typically RC-filtered 450Vdc@150mA, each channel)
- Standard Universal High Power Tube Output Transformer with 50% taps (230V@20Hz push-pull)
- Optional High Voltage Tube Output Transformer using S7&S8 along with P1-P4 (580V@20Hz push-pull)
- Ordinary 2X30V/4A+5V/8A DC-Supply Transformer (special rectification)
- 235VA 115:230V Step-Up/Down Transformer (for American users or equipment)
- 100VA 12.6:230V Push-Pull DC/AC-Conversion (for portable usage)
- 235VA Mains Isolation Transformer (for TV-service)
- Low price: 160USD

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